I want to thank you greatly for putting all these steps in place for my child and our family. I really appreciate it.

Thank you so much for your comments re my “little boy”.  He has made so many leaps both at home and at school in this year transition from Primary school to High school.

Thank you for all the hard work the Northside College team do. I really am so grateful to be a part of Northside College. I really hope it grows beyond grade 9 as I really think there is such a need for a school like this.

Thank you.  We wouldn’t have coped this year without Northside College.

My child always comes home motivated and really enjoys the way she is taught.

My daughter will always remember her first year at high school with fondness.

Northside College honestly made a smooth school year for both my daughter and myself.

Going to miss Northside College next year when my daughter moves across to the main school!

Thank you for continuous support

Good luck to the school and it’s future for all the learners passing through.

I am sad to leave such a great learning facility and sporting opportunities that the school offers.

You have been an absolute blessing over the past two years. Thank you to you and all the staff at Northside College. May Northside College keep on growing from strength to strength.

We were so proud of our daughter being recognized for her diligence last year. We weren’t expecting to be sitting in the school hall this last Tuesday watching our daughter walk up on stage in front of her peers and the remarkable teachers of Northside College. We are so grateful for every teacher that has shown and continues to show kindness and patience while also asking her to strive. She is loving Northside College.

Thanks for being such a nurturing school, my son loves attending Northside.

We are truly grateful and impressed with the support that we receive at Northside.

The teachers at Northside College are truly incredible!

We are so relieved and grateful that our child can be in such a fantastic and caring school. We are completely blown away. Thank you so very much!

Thank you for accepting him and I am more than impressed with his progress under your guidance. Please keep up the good work and ethics that you are teaching him. We are ever so grateful that he has found a place where he can apply himself.